Hiring is Broken


Problem: Traditional Interviews Don’t Work

In Jason Dana’s New York Times article, The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews, he discusses research he conducted at the Yale School of Management, which consistently shows that unstructured interviews are “harmful, undercutting the impact of other, more valuable information about interviewees.”

“In fact, some evidence suggests that interviews are far worse than wasteful: By drawing employers' attention to irrelevant information, they can produce inferior decisions,” writes Cass R. Sunstein, Director of the Harvard Law School's program on behavioral economics and public policy.

Problem: Wrong Hires Cost Money

The US Department of Labor estimates that the cost of a bad hire is 30% of the individual’s annual salary. However, Zappos’ CEOs, Tony Hsieh, wasn’t lowballing it when he claimed that his own bad hiring choices cost Zappos "well over $100 million." In fact, calculations show that hiring the wrong individual costs $240,000 - a huge loss when an employee doesn’t work out.

Other costs are less quantifiable. SHRM indicates that lost productivity and decreased morale are as significant, if not more significant, than the financial costs of bad hires. The organization also reports that most companies lack the patience, talent, and other resources to hire effectively.


Solution: Integration Coaching

Tilde Staff differs from other staffing firms by providing employee integration coaching free to the contract staff we place.

The best way to ensure quality work is by coaching employees. This approach reduces the costs associated with hiring the wrong person while maximizing the potential of each person we place.